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Essential Reading for:
ALL Swimming Teachers
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Swimming Co-ordianators
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Parents & Decision Makers
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    1. Some Basicsthat every teacher needs to know.
    2. Swimming Tuition status – mostly as it is.
    3. Why do people learn to swim – essential to know.
    4. Swimming made simple it really is!
    5. Terminologywhat it all really means.
    6. Exploding some mythsdump the perpetuating and pointless stuff.
    7. Are the “Gurus” always right? – who are they & what do they know?
    8. Knowledge vs Understanding vs Deliverywhat you know and how to get it across.
    9. Essential Delivery Skillshow to become a ‘Super Teacher’
    10. How to build a “Swimming Teaching Programme”the core of everything.
    11. The Teaching Continuum know what it really is.
    12. How to run a Swimming Schoolwhat success is based on.
    13. Teaching Methodsstuff you’ve never come across before.
    14. Teaching the Stokesfind out what really matters.