The UK swimming tuition industry is wide, varied, competitive and confused. Most surprisingly, it is unregulated. Anyone can set up a swim school and teach. You do not have to have any swimming or business expertise.

This is not only frightening, but does not provide an environment for quality delivery. In truth, many lessons are no more than “supervised water time”.

The result is that there are a plethora of swimming schools in any one area all doing different things, for different reasons and making different claims.

This in turn confuses clients, who have no real means of making an informed choice for their own or their children’s’ tuition. They generally think that “a swimming lesson, is a swimming lesson, is a swimming lesson”.

It will generally come down to which provider is most “convenient”, and they will probably never be any wiser, unless something goes wrong.

This opens up a huge opportunity for those who wish to be the best, wish to gain competitive advantage, and in doing so, increase profit margins substantially.

Business Services

  • Appraisal & SWOT Analysis
  • Process & Systems Streamlining
  • Operations & Management Audit
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Financial Guidance
  • Profit Enhancement
  • Operations Software
  • Policies Review & Writing
  • New Pool Construction
  • Pool Refurbishment

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