Fitness Clubs

Leverage our experience to develop a unique swimming program in your fitness club

Pretty nearly every Fitness and Members Club has a pool of some kind, built with members use in mind, which is generally a “must have” to attract and maintain members and consequently can be a cash “hole” rather than an income earner in its own right.

These pools can often be unsuitable in shape, profile or location for “learn to swim” teaching nor for hire to outside swimming tuition providers. They do however have real potential as income generators if properly managed and we can help you develop this potential.

However, for those who do offer lessons to members as part of the membership package, there is considerable mileage in developing real competitive advantage in having a swimming teaching programme that differentiates you from the others and up-skilling your teachers to deliver excellence and results not attainable by your competitors.

We have considerable and unique expertise in developing successful swimming teaching programmes based on principals far more substantial than normally practiced in the UK.

If you consider that a review of facilities or provision would be of benefit, please get in touch through the Contact Form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.