An increasing number of Preparatory Schools are building pools as a central feature of their facilities and for most it is a considerable expense related to income.

It is important therefore to make sure that not only is it built effectively and as economically as possible, but there is a return on investment and that the running and staffing costs are as streamlined as possible

The Facility
If you are looking to build a pool or turn an outside one into an indoor one, it makes sense to get the right advice at the outset, so that you can derive an appropriate income and avoid it becoming a burden on the school’s resources.

If the pool shape or profile, the changing facilities, fixed equipment, access or security are inappropriate or wrong, there can be sever limitations on the ability to teach not only your own pipils, but profitably let to outside providers.

Few Preparatory schools employ dedicated professional staff to provide the teaching, rather relying on the PE staff and volunteers to deliver lessons.

This is fine, but it is important that they are properly trained and have an effective swimming teaching programme to work to.

If you would like help with the construction, refurbishment, profitable letting strategy, programme development, teacher appraisal & training or a general review of provision, please use the Contact Form and we will contact you as soon as we can.