Private Swimming Schools

The growth of the Private Swimming school industry has grown exponentially over the last 15 years. This has had a lot to do with the recognition that motivated teachers can do it better and that there is money to be made.

Any one can set up a swimming school, all you need is some water space. A teaching qualification helps though!

You then need some kind of swimming programme – so you know what you want to teach, and setting up business operations – so you can actually run the thing efficiently and profitably.

These can be really daunting because building a programme is really difficult and often ends up just using the ASA NPTS or STA awards and most teachers have little or no previous business experience or knowledge.

Proprietors commonly end up “re-inventing the wheel”, which is time consuming, inefficient and does not give you competitive advantage.

Its not smart to learn from mistakes when the help, advice and support is right here.

If you would like any assistance in starting a new swimming school or you would like to know how to improve what you do, get in touch through the Contact Form.