Swimming Tutor is led by Nicholas Loxton

Nicholas not only has 20 years experience in the Swimming Tuition industry, but as a qualified Ski Instructor and Rugby coach; an qualified Architect and holding a masters Degree in Business Administration, is ideally and uniquely placed within the industry to advice on swimming technique, pools and business operations.

Teaching, Coaching & Tutoring:
I began my teaching and coaching career as a Ski Instructor in the mid 1980’s and moved into swimming following the setting up of Floaters Swimming School in 1992, when it became self evident that there were – and still are – massive opportunities to make a real difference.

I qualified as:

  • ASA swimming Teacher in 1992.
  • ASA Tutor in 1998.
  • National QA Assessor in 2001.
  • STA Tutor in 2002
  • Level 3 Assessor in 2004

I have also been an Active Sports Coach, Talent Camp Manager, TOPS (Schools) Tutor and qualified as Rugby Union coach in 2009.

I originally qualified as an Architect in 1976 and subsequently achieved an MBA in 1998.


  • Piloting the original National Plan for Teaching Swimming
  • Working Party member in the design of the ASA Aquamark Scheme
  • Author of the hugely successful (and imitated) SwimCare teaching programme
  • Inaugural Chairman of the National Federation of Swimschools
  • Member of original ASA CPD assessment Panel.