Public Schools

Most Public Schools in the UK have a swimming pool, which is predominantly used by the pupils for PE, team training and galas.

The condition can vary from outside pools to full 50m competitive facilities. Many rent the pool to outside swimming tuition providers and activity companies during the holidays.

Tuition is generally carried out by PE staff and those for whom swimming is a major sport and USP, dedicated and professional co-coordinators, coaches and teachers can be employed.

Building a New Pool

New pools in the planning stage will have been put in the hands of the school’s architects, but it is seldom the case where the school or the architects have sought input from a swimming consultant or specialist.
Issues that an arise, include:

  • Profile that does not deliver the maximum use and income.
  • Inappropriate pool tile colour & dangerous surfaces
  • Changing/equipment/pool area imbalance,
  • Inadequate teaching deck space etc.

Pools are a big expense and it makes sense to get the right advice on construction at the briefing stage to maximize the return ion investment.

Managing Teaching Delivery

Employing teachers, training them, building successful teaching programmes & pathways, Risk Assessments & PSOP’s, efficient timetabling, security, maintenance and repair are all challenges for school administrations and those charged with delivering successful swimming results.

If you would like a review of your swimming delivery programme, teacher appraisals (against quality standards), profit analysis etc. Please use the Contact Form and we will be in touch as soon as we can.