Every situation is different so, we aim to tailor our services to your individual needs and issues.

So the first and most critical thing is to find out what it is you do and what it is that you need.

A properly developed brief is a most valuable asset as it sets the basis of what, how and when you need to get done.

Most most importantly, it will set the foundation for delivering what you want as quickly, simply and cheaply as possible, thus giving value for money and valued added outcomes.

Common Issues

  • Reviewing existing tuition programmes and provision at large to see how it can be improved to increase efficiency and competitive advantage.
  • Writing programmes that actually work rather than just teaching the contents of an award, to differentiate you from the pack.
  • Assessing and developing business systems and processes to make it as simple and profitable to run a swim school.
  • Teacher appraisals to determine how effective your teaching actually is and how to make it better.
  • Pre-Aquamark or STAMark appraisal to increase success and reduce time during the assessment process.
  • Advising on swimming  teaching technique and process to improve lesson planning, content and delivery.
  • Advising on procurement of new build or refurbishment of swimming pools to ensure that they are used effectively, economically, safely and generate the maximum return on investment.Get more information on Swimming Services and Business Services available