Test Yourself

We have devised a few questions that we can use to assess where you are.
Please copy and paste the table to the Contact Form and send it to [email protected].
We will let you know how well you did.

Thank You.

  1. What is the overriding purpose of Adult & Child lessons?
  2. How important is it to teach babies to swim under water?
  3. What technique do you use to ensure individual feedback & TP’s?
  4. What part of Rebecca Adlington’s F/C stroke makes it so effective?
  5. Which is technically the simplest stroke to teach and learn?
  6. In B/C, when do you teach little finger entry & back of hand exit?
  7. What are the 2 critical elements needed to swim Breast Stroke
  8. What is the key skill in B/F that needs to be learned?
  9. How important is learning to breath in swimming (1=Low, 10=High)
  10. In F/C, what effect does the propulsive arm naturally have on the torso?
  1. On what methodology has your programme been developed?
  2. How is success of programme & key element measured?
  3. What operations system do you have to track pupil’s progress?
  4. Does it run the whole of your swimming operation?
  5. How many parts are there to your PSOP?
  6. What are your 5 key operational Policies?
  7. Who is responsible for daily Risk Assessment?
  8. Against what benchmark is teaching performance measured?
  9. How do you assess need for specific CPD training/up-skilling?
  10. How do you procure teacher training that suits you?