I have known Nicholas Loxton for over 10 years, my first contact being through my children and their swimming lessons.  Having looked for a school that would give them the best teaching possible Floaters stood out head and shoulders above other providers.

Having watched the lessons for a few years I decided to look into learning to teach myself. I enrolled on an ASA Level 1 course followed swiftly by a ASA Level two course, both tutored by Nicholas. I found the Level 1 course was above and beyond anything required and the Level two course very informative, in particular the essential content of the Unit 4 (high level technique, now missing from the syllabus). Those who had attended were not only more informed, but well ‘ahead of the game’.  Nicholas taught in small manageable amounts with good direction and with well thought out procedures. He tried to ensure that all learning abilities were catered for and was patient when we repeatedly asked questions, often the same ones.

His exceptional knowledge of swimming technique and teaching delivery has stood me in great stead to this day. Breaking down the skills and strokes into small “bite sized chunks” allowed me to see how to develop and progress pupils.  I have learn to “feel” the strokes as much as teach from the side and trying the strokes and skills out for my self means that I understand the issues faced by those I am teaching.  Nicholas recognises this as vital to real quality teaching and I work on this principle to this day.

Post qualification, I have had regular and continual training sessions on a termly basis, in house and through CPD courses. This allowed me to raise concerns and learn the newest developments and insights into how the swimming industry worked. Nicholas tried to ensure attendees were fully updated and discussed how we could develop, to ensure the best for the pupils being taught.

The CPD’s were run with confidence and professionalism, whilst being friendly from the tutor taking the session through to the service provided on the day.  We have had some incredibly knowledgeable people talk us through their particular skills, I usually found the CPD’s the most well run and organised that I have attended.

Although due to family commitments I no longer teach on a regular basis, I still find Nicholas available, accessible and more than willing to give me advice should I need it. His advice and knowledge has been invaluable.

A. Hudson. Self-Employed Swimming Teacher.