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The home of all teaching, programme and business support for the swimming industry.

Expert Swimming Advice

Use our professional business and swimming instruction knowledge to get the best results from your swimming teaching operations.

Tailored Swimming Programmes

Work with us to create a complete swimming teaching programme specifically tailored to your philosophy and mission.

business operations

Get a personal audit of your operations and facilities to streamline systems maximise operations and opportunity.

Our Services

Technical Teaching Advice

Specialised support guidance and teaching techniques to improve the quality of swimming instruction.

Problem solving

Expert and friendly advice on any swimming teaching business, or facility related issues.

Swimming teaching Programmes

Written to deliver your mission and optimise your teaching success.

Business systems & operations

Audits and solutions to your swimming teaching business and operations.

facility audits

Pool and equipment suitability and use audits to maximise delivery efficiency.

Teacher Appraisal & Upskilling

Comprehensive assessment and feedback for swimming instructors to enhance their teaching skills.

About Us

Swimming Tutor is the leading independent consultant organisation in the UK, specialising in the swimming industry. With high level qualifications in both swimming, facility and business, it is uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your swimming teaching, business and operations.


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Dive into success with Swimming Tutor and make the most of your the potential of your swimming teaching and business.

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