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About Us

Nicholas Loxton’s experience and involvement gained over 30 years in the swimming, business and architectural industries, is all bought together to form the basis of Swimming Tutor.

The challenges of teaching, swimming technique, programme building, timetabling, lesson planning, delivery, business operations, facility use and maximisation and profitability are faced by all.

This unique mix of skills and knowledge is now being made available to all teachers, tutors, coordinators, swimming schools, pool owners all in one place.

Nicholas brings a wide range of business experience and problem solving from his architectural, property and hospitality careers together with an MBA from University of Brighton, Business School.

As a tutor, CPD presenter and swimming school owner with 30+ years of teaching and pool management experience, successfully developing all aspects of Floaters Swim Schools in the south of England, which taught 1000’s of pupils, even multiple generations of the same family, presents a solid base for the expertise available.


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Our Mission

Empowering swimming teachers, tutors, coordinators, owners and businesses to thrive by providing expert guidance, innovative solutions, and exceptional support.

Our Values

We are dedicated to excellence, innovation, partnership, and continuous growth to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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